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How do I become a Knight Templar?

The Great Priory of NSW & ACT is in Fraternal Agreement with The United Grand Lodge of NSW & ACT, and administers the Order on behalf of member Knights. Surprisingly enough for an Order of Knights, this is done in a very democratic way, although Great Priory can be quite autocratic when it comes to maintaining the standards of ceremony, discipline, and the laws and regulations of the Order.

The modern Knights Templar and Knights of Malta steadfastly maintain the Trinitarian Christian Faith and the principals and ideals of Freemasonry — along with the chivalric standards, military discipline and objectives of the mediaeval Knights of the Crusades.

So, how do you go about joining us or finding out more about us?

It’s quite simple if you know someone who is already a Knight Templar. Talk to them and tell them you are interested and they can then tell you more about the next steps in the process. It’s quite likely that your friend will belong to one of the Preceptories that will invite you to attend their Refectory or supper after a regular meeting. This way you can meet other members before joining. Talk to your friend about this.

If you don’t know anyone who is a Knight Templar you can phone the Great Vice-Chancellor on 0418 405 207 and he can put you in touch with a member of a Preceptory near you. Or you can email your enquiry and contact details to us by means of the “Contact Us” page on this website.

In essence, the requirements for joining our Order and becoming a Knight Templar and then a Knight of Malta are quite straightforward. You must be a Master Mason raised at least two years ago, be or have been Exalted in the Holy Royal Arch, and profess the Christian Faith and a belief in the Holy and Undivided Trinity.

As part of the ceremony of becoming a Knight you will be asked to promise fealty to the Most Eminent and Supreme Grand Master and his successors in Office, as well as any immediate Superior Knight, and submit to and observe all the Usages, Customs, Statutes, Rules, Regulations and Ordinances present and future of the Order, and all the Laws as of ancient right accustomed.

Naturally, if you decide you would like to go ahead and join our Order you will need to complete an application form. Once your application is accepted you will be advised as to your uniform and regalia requirements and then invited to attend the Preceptory where you will be installed as a Knight of the Temple.

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